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in Christchurch 8008 South Island New Zealand 

Pegasus Bay Images

These Surfcam Snaps show some of the Moods of the Ocean since August 2003

Taken at 11pm at night while the cross on cave rock is still lit.A full Moon will often light up thewhole bay 

A january day at the beach in 2005 sees the Sumner Surf Club patrolling the very dangerous section of water about  Cave Rock. A strong easterly is Ideal for windsurfers, and for hanggliders who launch on Scarborough and often land on Clifton Beach.


Speights Coast to Coast 2004 Waitangi Day weekend

An unseasonal southerly storm passing over Banks Penninsular, clear over the Lewis Pass and North Canterbury


Getting close to autumn, surfing lessons still go on

Day to day the bar is constantly changing left a southerly, right a strong easterly


Colours in Cloud formations in Autumn early morning sunrise can be spectacular

The view before THAT gumtree was milled. Before During and After



The Seaward Kaikoura's, and The Kaikoura Penninsular are about 150km from the camera.

Fog rolls in on a winters Morning. The Kaikoura's at just below 3000m showing a little more snow

Three shots of the Kaikoura's in late spring, the latter showing the Kaikoura peninsular on the right.


A light Nor Wester holds up the easterly swell. A midwinter sunset over North Canterbury


Often we see spectacular colour changes in the space of 5 minutes

Spring Snow on the mountains around Hanmer and Lewis Pass North Canterbury

Winter and Autumn Views

A hard southerly blows out the easterly swell

Cave rock in the evening the cross lit for the festive season, New Zealanders still celebrate Guy Fawkes attempt to blow up the English parliament in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. Guy Fawkes, born in 1570, executed 1606, was caught red-handed in the Palace of Westminster itself on 4th November 1605.

Southerly swell wraps onto South Brighton Beach while melting snow causes rivers to discolour Pegasus Bay

The outfall of heavy rain before Christmas colours Pegasus Bay

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