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Clubs & Recreation Activities 


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    Sumner Art Society Exhibition September

    Mt Pleasant Art Group


    Sumner Badminton Club Community Center Sumner W 7.30pm Th 10am 326 5885


    Sumner Silver Band Peter Croft 384 9534

    Woolston Brass Band PO Box 35 067 Shirley

Biking Cycling  There are many interesting rides in the district

Christchurch to Little River Rail Trail

Christchurch-Little River Rail trail Trust PO Box 2657 Christchurch


    Sumner Boating & Fishing Club Inc. Days (Bells) Harbour Scbr Charge $3 Daily. Annual subscription is $20, with a joining fee of $5 Secretary Eric Johnson 21 Stoke Street Sumner p326 5133 New Members welcome.


    Sumner Bowling Club Inc Lower Richmond Hill Rd 326 6247 Visitors Welcome

    Redcliffs Bowling Club Inc James St Redcliffs 384 3733

    Mt. Pleasant Bowling Club Main Rd St Andrews Hill 384 1242

    Indoor Bowls Mt Pleasant Community Center

    Woolston Bowling Club Inc Woolston Park Woolston 398 7562


    Sumner Contract Bridge Club Inc 57 Dryden St 326 5610

    Mt Pleasant Bridge Club Community Center Mt Pleasant


    Sumner Croquet Club 30 Wakefield Ave 326 6324 Tues Thurs Sat.

    Redcliffs Croquet Club James St Club Days Mon Wed Sat


    Sumner Cricket & Rugby Club Box 17 551 326 6699

Cycling Biking There are many interesting rides in the district

Christchurch to Little River Rail Trail 

Christchurch-Little River Rail trail Trust PO Box 2657 Christchurch


Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust

The Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust is a non-profit organisation formed by the public and supported by Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury. 


Garden Club  

    Redcliffs-Sumner Garden club Union Hall Nayland St Sumner 3rd wed 1.50 PM 326

7650 or 326 5000

    Mt Pleasant Garden Club 3rd Wed 1-3 MtPl Community Center 384 1105

Golf Club 

    Richmond Hill Course closed Dec 1997, club now at Chartris Bay History of Phone 326 6525


Slippery's Gymn, Sumner Gymn Run By Barry Slater at Sumner Cricket and Rugby Club Rooms M021 257 0824


    Redcliffs Hockey Club Barnet Park Redcliffs

Horse Riding 

    Sumner Riding School Sumnervale Reserve 326 5520


    Popular places are on the Estuary, and Scarborough


    Sumner Redcliffs Netball Club Inc Lynn Brand 326 6744


    Scarborough Farm Track Junction with Summit Road and Taylorís Mistake Walkway

    Taylorís Walkway Ridge

    Canterbury Paragliding 0800 759 444

    Phoenix Paragliding earthphfx 326 7634 skyph 025 332 794

Pony Club 

    Sumner Valley Riding School Sumnervale Drive


    Mt. Pleasant Community Center Pottery Group, Conference Room. Dianne Cooke 384 3495 h 384 1354


    Sumner Cricket & Rugby Club Box 17 551 326 6699 Junior CC John McDougall 326 6724


    Sumner Running Club 8am Sundays Clock Tower -Boulder/Godley Run -All Welcome



    Linwood Ave. Club   Linwood Ave. (adj. Linwood Park)

    Sumner Tennis & Squash Club Inc Heberden Ave 326 5390

    Mt. Pleasant Tennis Club Quarry Rd StA Hill 384 5359

    Redcliffs Tennis Club 75 Main Road Redcliffs


    Mt. Pleasant Squash Club McCormacks Bay Rd 384 9877

    Sumner Tennis & Squash Club Inc Heberden Ave 326 5390

Senior Citizen 

    Redcliffs Super 60ís 1st & 3rd Fridays Union Church Hall Augusta St 384 1697 384 9689

    Sumner Senior Citizens Friendly Club union hall Nayland St


Long Board Club  The Secretary  Sumner Longboarders PO Box 17535 Sumner  Christchurch 8840


    Ferrymead Bays Soccer Barnet Park Jun Ian Goodwin 384 4384 Sen Clive Murden 384 0622

Scouts Guides Cubs  

    Sumner Scout Den, Truro St Sumner

    Mt. Pleasant Den Old School reserve Major Hornbrook Rd

Sea Cadets  

    TS Cornwall Tues 7-9 PM Main Rd Redcliffs 3843684


    Sumner Redcliffs RSA Wakefield Ave Sumner 326 6242

Surf Clubs 

    Sumner Surf lifesaving Club Box 17 527 Ph 326 6737

    Sumner Lifeboat Institution Bells Harbour Sumner

    Taylorís Mistake Surf Lifesaving Club PO Box 1120 Chch 326 6771


    Sumner Community Pool Hardwick Street

    Woolston pool ( Summer Only) 476 Ferry Road Woolston 941 6894


    Linwood Ave & Humphreys drive

Yachting & Sailing

    Banks Peninsular Cruising Club Lyttelton

    Christchurch Yacht Club Moncks Bay sailing since 1891 p384 1311

    Coastguard Boating Education ,Day Skipper,Boatmaster.GPS,VHF 3899259

    JackTar Sailing Co Lyttelton ,Classic Sailing At Its Best p389 9259

    Mt. Pleasant Yacht Club Inc Main Rd Mt Pleasant 384 3889

    Pleasant Point Yacht Club Bridge St South Brighton 388 3386

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