Crater Rim Walkway

Anti Aircraft Battery Defending Lyttelton WW2

Crater rim walkway Passes between the 4 Gunnery installations, the excavations for accomodation can be seen on the Sumner Side of the ridge.

This was presumably a control room

1972 series 3 Landrover. Beats Walking

The decent of the crater rim walkway to walk under the cliffs

Towards Mt Pleasant

Some parts still have a covering of origional bush

under an overhang

wet but sheltered

memorial to the women pioneers in the shelter at the top of the bridle path

Top of the Bridal Path the shelter shoing a walker on the summit road

The walkway offers magnificent views of Lyttelton Harbour, this looking south over the Oil Tank farm, Quail Island, Wheatsheaf, Gebbies pass, with Lake Ellesmere in the background.

Moss on the rocks

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