Emergency Services, Lifeboat, Fire Brigade & Police

Emergency Call 111

Christchurch City Council Linwood Service Center 108 Smith St 389 1477

Civil Defence Headquarters Linwood High School, Sectors Primary Schools, Bamford, Mt Pleasant, Redcliffs, Sumner, Woolston.

Sumner Volunteer Fire Brigade Wiggins St 326 6022

69cliftonfire1975.jpg (139687 bytes)Dry conditions on the hills in summertime pose a fire danger as this 1973 fire demonstrated. Photo by Alister Smith

Sumner Community Police 55 Nayland Street Ph/fx 363 4300 or call Lyttelton Police Sumner Rd 328 8727

Sumner Lifeboat  2 Scarborough Road. www.sumner-lifeboat.org.nz  24 Hour Lifeboat Station Bells Harbour 326 6170

The Sumner Lifeboat Rescue 2 shortly after its move to Bells Harbour Late 1962 Photo by Laurence E Smith

Sumner Surf lifesaving Club Clifton Beach Sumner Box 17 527 Ph 326 6737

St Johns Ambulance 174 Durham St 366 4776 Deaf Emergency Fax 0800 16 16 10

Taylorís Mistake Surf Lifesaving Club PO Box 1120 Chch 326 6771 Taylors Mistake Beach

Woolston Fire Service Ferry Rd Ferrymead 384 3490

Christchurch City operates a closed fire season. Fires can be lit in the city limits during March, April, September and October each year.

Note the closed fire season, in dry conditions, may be extended into March by the council by public notice

Fires must comply with City Council by laws.

In general 5 meters from a fence, live fence or any combustible material, buildings included and be less than One cubic meter in size, attended at all times by an individual with a garden hose.

Fires must be extinguished by sunset. A permit should be obtained for larger fires.

If in doubt, check with the fire service or City Council, phone numbers listed above.


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