Sumner to Ferrymead Photo Gallery Photos with some exceptions by Alister Smith

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Birds of the Estuary and Peninsular

In this section we intend displaying a view of the birdlife resident or migratory in our area. Visit our Birds_of_the_Estuary_and_Peninsular Gallery including New Zealand Birds

A stunning sunrise in early July 2003 south side of The Estuary

Taken a few minutes later with the birds taking flight




Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand. Photo Gallery

This was a sunset taken in January 2003 in Nor West Conditions the airflow over the southern alps can clearly be seen

The sand buildup in the main channel of the estuary allowed me to take this photo of Shag Rock (Rapanui) from shore.


  Taken 6.30 am in September 2005 from the Whitewash head walkway this photo looks across the estuary redcliffs Christchurch City to the Southern Alps capped with a late snowfall.


A wider shot taken a day or so later

Taken at 11pm at night while the cross on cave rock is still lit.A full Moon will often light up the whole of Pegasus Bay

Dcp_0077sumnerbeachfromclifton.jpg (89690 bytes) Sumner beach taken late afternoon in November 2003 from Clifton Terrace showing The Sumner Surf Club, On the Beach Resturant being the only on the beach resturant in Christchurch, Cave Rock (Tuawera) with the Sumner Lifeboat Institution Inc watchtower on top. The mast and yardarms in the past being used to signal the state of the tide. Scarborough Hill in the background.

Mount Pleasant across the Tank farm at Lyttelton to Quail Island Teddington to Gebbies Pass and Lake Ellesmere and Heathcote Valley from Cattlestop Rock

Snowfall 16 August 2004        a late winter snow fall it snowed at sumner for 40 hours.


Old Richmond Hill Golf Course, Sumner, Scarborough at the Farm Track intersection with the Summit Road

Godley Head, Evans Pass, Newly born Lamb near Godley Head.

Moeraki Boulders, Otago, New Zealand Photo Gallery

More pictures of this  unique spot in the gallery

Catlins Coast, South Island, New Zealand Photo Gallery

Purakanui Falls taken January 1993 and Matai Side Falls January 2005

Avoca Valley Photo Gallery

The Avoca Valley Canterbury Landrover Owners Club Trip May 2004 beyond Lake Coleridge. Left is close to the Avoca hut, right is close to the junction with the Harper.

Fox Glacier Westland

Fox Glacier in Westland is one of the few glaciers in Temperate climates to decend to almost sea level. Starting in snowfields about 3500 meters above sea level this and Franz Joseph Glaciers decend to within a few hundred meters of sea level. The base of both glaciers are easily accessable by road and a short walk. 

Godley Glacier Photo Gallery

We were warned to run a 50 50 antifreeze mix in the landrover, anything we did not want to freeze went in the chilibin overnight. A few weeks later The Christchurch Press publised a photo of skaters on this lake which was frozen over.  One of the higlights was seeing a Thar sunning itself on a rockface (600mm lens) Near the Godley Hut. 


The shot on the left is a zoom of the peak on the right, and shows just how rugged the Southern Alps of New Zealand are.


Canterbury Landrover Owners Club trip to the Godley Glacier 3 July 2004 that is an iceburg in the lake. Tussocks cease to grow higer up the valley, and mosses take over taken at about 1000m asl.

Banks Penninsular, Port Levy, Lyttelton Harbour, Akaroa Harbour Photo Gallery

Visit this gallery for photos of Banks penninsular.

Surfcam Daylight Images Visit Pegasus Bay Daytime Immages

Old Houses which are part of our heritage these except for the first being in New Zealand. 

This Indian Ink Picture of what was My Great Great Grandfathers house sparked my interest in old houses. Built we think in the 1700's it is reputed to be in Drumnagess in the parish of Kildrumsherdan (aka Killsherdanay) Near Cootehill County Cavan in Ireland.Our family tradition was that the pond was used as a water supply for cannon mounted on the stone tower during "troubles". It was occupied by John Rountree (on the road) his wife Mary Rountree and their Children Alick, Wattie,Jane, Ann, John and William up to 1864 when they departed for New Zealand on the "Ivanhoe" from Plymouth. Any infomation on this house would be greatly appreciated.

Alan McLean Mansion Manchester Street Christchurch July 2003. The Building was finished about 1902 and is reputed to be haunted by his housekeeper Mrs Phillips. Kauri Clad, 56 rooms and a full basement. 

McLEAN died at Holly Lea on 12 November 1907. The will includes the following:

Emily Phillips was McLEAN’s long-standing housekeeper. She was to ‘have the use, occupation and enjoyment’ of Holly Lea ‘during her life if she shall so long remain a widow’ and also an annuity of three thousand pounds. Should Emily remarry, she was to have an annuity of but five hundred pounds.As a matter of comparison Captain Smith of the Titanic was the highest paid sea Captain at the time and recieved a salary of 1,250 pounds per annum. If the history of this building and its Builder Alan McLean interests you the following sites are well worth a visit 

Alan Mclean Mansion Side View on a winters day in the early morning sun. The building now houses a training establishment.




DCP_0070rockvilla.jpg (99682 bytes)Rock Villa in Marriner Street Sumner was built by members of the AJ White Family about 1900.

1989-2nelsonfarmhouse20.jpg (44758 bytes)An old Nelson Farmhouse being used as a Haybarn 1988.

This Place has seen better days and was located on the Matakitaki Road Murchison. Taken about 1975.

19832neudoff20.jpg (48759 bytes)Wyperserfontein an abandoned house Neudoff road Upper Moutere Nelson January 1983, this old wooden home is believed to have been one of the first hotels in the Nelson-Dovedale area. Named as the owners recieved a parcel adressed to their surname at Wyperserfontein Nelson South Africa.

Dcp_0285boundaryriderscottage30.jpg (89247 bytes) This Boundary Riders Cottage is on a public road off the dog kennel corner to Haldon Arm road to Benmore, a street car in dry conditions would be Ok. Please leave all gates as you find them, mind the stock. S 44° 22.953 E 170° 25.159 (WGS84) In the days before Barbed Wire a boundary rider would be stationed in one of these cottages to ride the boundary and drive stock back onto the station. It is built into the river flat, of river boulders and mud, and in remarkably good condition having been built I expect in the 1860's.

The Ships

19832jaynieseddon20.jpg (42769 bytes)The Janie Seddon Motueka Foreshore 1983.


Yvonne sits in the stream at Redcliffs early one morning 2004.

1989edwinfox20.jpg (36147 bytes)The Edwin Fox an East Indiaman, Immigrant ship, Convict ship, and supply ship during the Crimean war under restoration in Picton 1988.

The Portland a schow currently moored at Pounawea near Owaka, Catlins Coast Photo Alister Smith January 2005

Dcp_0087DonPedroMenendezdeAvilesstaugustinefounder1565flusa50.jpg (135844 bytes)Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles y Alonso de la Campa, Captain General of Spain b1519  Recognised as St Augustine founder 1565 in what is now Florida USA. January 2002. He was appointed commander of a small fleet and excelled himself against french corsairs and pirates in the  Mediterranean Sea. A capable commander, by the time he was 40 years old he was the General of the Armada of the Spanish Crown. Philip, commissioned him to chart the Florida coastline, since many ships were being lost in the Gulf Stream. and although Ponce de Leon had claimed Florida for the Spanish crown nearly 50 years earlier, Philip felt the time had come to colonize. Under contract with the crown of Spain, Menendez set out to establish Spanish rule in the land of Florida.

About 1564, the French had established a small settlement at Fort Caroline, which is near Jacksonville. The commander, Jean Ribault, had orders not to retreat from an attack by Menendez. However, the French were outnumbered and lost the battle, at Matanzas, south of St. Augustine, Menendez had nearly 200 French prisoners executed following the French loss at Fort Caroline.

On September 9, 1565, Pedro Menendez came to shore at what was to become the first permanently occupied territory in the United States of America. This landing took place at what is now Mission of Nombre de Dios and the 208-foot cross. The cross not only marks where Menendez landed, it also marks the place where the first Catholic mass occurred in the new world.

19831harperaveblossom20.jpg (65725 bytes)Harper Avenue Hagley Park Christchurch Blossom 1983.

Dcp_0113saturnrocketcape kenedyflusa50.jpg (63836 bytes)Saturn 5B, in the Rocket Park, Cape Kennedy Florida USA. rockets standing on the left are those used in the various Space programmes. The red structure is a gantry from one of the moon launches.

Dcp_0106corfecastle60.jpg (152340 bytes)Corfe Castle Dorset England January 2002 a cold winters day were the sun appeared for a few seconds for the picture below 

Dcp_0113corfecastleeng60.jpg (93661 bytes)Corfe Castle Dorset England January 2002 The Castle was built by William the Conqueror after 1066, and was added to and used by successive generations of the Royal family. To destroy its usefullness Cromwells troops filled the dungeons with gunpowder and lit a fuse.....


Canterbury Landrover Owners Club CLROC Lochiel Station Hanmer, September 2002 above the Waiau river.The GPS was reading round 700m ASL, river the flats are about 300m ASL, a 45 degree slope to State Highway 7 was rather frightening.

Canterbury Landrover Owners Club in North Canterbury at  Nape Nape Sept 2002

Canterbury Landrover Owners Club CLROC Okuku Pass July 2003 after a heavy snowfall

Canterbury Landrover Owners Club Okuku Pass July 2003

A Canterbury Landrover Owners Club trip through Okuku and Lees Valley July 2003



A shot into the sun Lees Valley North Canterbury July 2003



Ashley Gorge July 2003

Warbirds Over Wanaka having seen all but 2 of these airshows I have created a seperate page for these images which will be added to as time permits

Omaka Airshow Blenheim, Easter 2003

Sopwith Camel rear owned by the filmaker Peter Jackson, 

Fokker Triplane DR.1 In the livery of Baron Manfred von Richtofen.Omaka Airshow Blenheim, Easter 2003 


Four of the five Fokker Triplane DR.1's flying at Omaka Airshow, Blenheim Easter 2003, the groundcrews are in period costume. 





I would love to hear from people prepared to have their old photos of the area scanned for consideration for this site.

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