Sumner School 125th Jubilee

Incorporating Sumner District High School 1923-1942

2nd to 4th November 2001 Colenso St Sumner.

The Committee

Back Row -Dianne MacDonald Secretary, Maureen (Topsy) Rule Registration & Photographs, Lyn Scott Entertainment, John Macnab.

Middle- Mary Bankier Sponsors, Carol Morton Publicity, Deann Forcyth Accomodation Programmes, Peter Murdoch Author, Colin Thompson Bar, Russell Craw Construction & Sound.

Seated- Alister Smith Costing Names Signs Vice Chairman, Runa Higgins Chairperson Christina McCombs Patron, Vivienne Davison Principal, Bevyn Craw Treasurer, Project  Coordinator.

Centenial Registration List 1976   125th Jubilee Registration List 2001

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