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Wind direction is influenced by the position of the station on the hills, and should be treated as an aproximation of true wind direction only.

Users of the data displayed On the Sumner to Ferrymead Website, do so entirely at their own discretion and risk. Refer History Flies below.


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It is with regret we can no longer offer the weather from Richmond Hill. This websites founder, Alister Smith sadly passed away fairly suddenly earlier this year, and the location is no longer available. We are displaying the TaylorsSurf weather information (one bay around east from Sumner) here in its place until we can source another location to stream a webcam and weather from. Suggestions welcomed.

For a live view of Sumner Bar & Clifton Beach on SumnerSurfCam 

 Tides for Sumner from OceanFun Publishing Ltd. The Black Vertical line on the tide graph is the current time.

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As at 12 July 2008 from 3 March 2004

Relitave Pressure Max 1040.9 hPa Min 974.2 hPa

Humidity Max 96% Min 19%

Temperature Max 39.9 C Min -0.9 C

Dewpoint Max 24.1 C Min -13.5 C

Windchill 39.9 C -30.0 C

Max windspeed 160kmph 24 April 2005 5.06pm

Rainfall Max 24 hrs 52.3mm 13 June 2006

Rainfall Max 1 Hr 12.9mm 13 Junel 2006


Dew Point The temperature at which humidity in the air will condense upon a solid surface. In Degrees C. Relitave Humidity the amount of water vapour (vapour pressure) in a given parcel of air divided by the maximum amount of water vapour the parcel of air could contain at a given temperature (saturation vapour pressure) before it would begin to condense into water droplets. Expressed as a %. Air Pressure or atmospheric pressure. air pressure is the force exerted on a surface by the weight of the air above it. The internationally recognized unit for measuring this pressure is the kilopascal. Wind chill is the rate at which a body will cool depending on temperature, wind and humidity differences.

This Data has been collected since1981, 2008 is a year to date figure refer bottom Graph..